Advanced Basket Analysis Example In Power BI – Cross Selling

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In this tutorial, I’m going to run through some of the most advanced type of analytical work you can do inside of Power BI.

The theoretical concepts I’m going to run through is basket analysis and there’s lots of applications for this across Power BI.

What I’m going to drill into here is how you can use this type of analysis to evaluate cross selling opportunities within your data sets.

I run through in quite a bit of detail, the DAX formulas that you need to implement.

I did say this is advanced and it is very difficult to get your head around all the different elements within each formula.

What I would recommend here though is to gain exposure to it initially and then review it over time as you learn more about each individual function. That’s only if it doesn’t immediately make sense how it all fits together.

Think about how valuable this insight is. Being able to evaluate almost in real-time, “Well, should I take this opportunity to upsell our customers based on what they bought previously? Is there some promotions that we can run that will enable us to increase our revenue or profits in the future based on this cross selling analysis or basket analysis that we’re implementing?”

Hopefully you can see and realize the immense power of insights like these.

Learning how to implement this analysis really creates a lot of value for yourself, for your teams, and for your organizations. Certainly dive into the tutorial and see if you can implement this in your own models and reports.

For more advanced analytical example you can use within Power BI, certainly check out this module at Enterprise DNA Online – Advanced Analytics in Power BI

Good luck with this one


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