Basket Analysis For Power BI Using DAX

Basket Analysis Introduction – Best Practice Tips For Power BI Using DAX

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With Basket Analysis, what we’re trying to achieve is analyzing one grouping of products versus another grouping of products. 

There’s plenty of application for this across Power BI.

The theory we’re trying to work through with this type of analysis is if one grouping of products is bought with another grouping of products.

By running this type of analysis, we can work out sales trends or purchasing behaviours of the customers who are buying from us or in our stores.

By knowing and understanding these patterns we can manage many aspects of the sales process better. Including for example; better stock management, upsell opportunities, more targetted marketing and much more.

This enables many high level insights where you can redistribute your resources or your funding into the most appropriate areas for your business.

In this tutorial, I run through quite a unique way of running this analysis in Power BI that really has not been explored anywhere else in the Power BI community.

I utilised self-generated supporting tables and some unique DAX formula combinations to make this all work.

Definitely, this is worth diving into in great detail if this specific analysis is what you’re looking for or require in your own models.

For more advanced analytical examples you can use within Power BI, certainly check out this module at Enterprise DNA Online – Advanced DAX Combinations

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