Detailed Budgeting Analysis in Power BI – Best & Worst Performers

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I run through a lot of budgeting analysis because I think using Power BI for this type of analysis is extremely effective.

Power BI as a tool, covers a lot of the analytical components that need to be executed well to complete this analytical work and then showcase it in an effective way.

In this example, I’ve decided to show you how you can branch out from your initial budget calculations.

Sometimes just showing a budget and a result is not enough. Maybe you actually want to show the difference and then somehow showcase in a dynamic way who’s performed well versus budget, and who has performed poorly versus budget.

By doing this in Power BI, you give yourself the opportunity to showcase these insights  in a really dynamic way.

This has not been really possible up until the features within Power BI have been developed to a point where you can successfully implement this.

This is a great example of how you can extract really valuable insights from your work in Power BI.

Being able to in an almost real time basis analyze who’s a good performer versus a bad performer and then see how that changes over time is really powerful stuff that can create a lot of value within organizations and also determine actions.

And that’s the key theme with the analysis we create in Power BI. We want to determine or create actionable insights that are going to make a difference and I think through this example you’ll certainly see that that’s very possible.

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1 comments on “Detailed Budgeting Analysis in Power BI – Best & Worst Performers”

  1. Sam, I have so enjoyed taking your power bi courses. they are the most comprehensive and useful training I’ve ever taken from any institute. Do you have any books on power bi that you’ve written?

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