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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


How To Master Power BI Analysis With Business Analytics Week

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Enterprise DNA understands the importance of accuracy when it comes to business analytics and, for this reason, we are bringing you an advanced analysis event called Business Analytics Week to help you master the way you translate market trends and consumer insights into actionable insights.

Business Analytics Week

Business Analytics Week is a free 4-day event hosted by the founder of Enterprise DNA, Sam McKay, in which you can register just with your email.

The learning material will be focused around the Power BI & DAX. With a focus on high-level analytical topics that you can utilize when creating reports and dashboards for your business data.

The event begins on the 16th of March and will last for 4 consecutive days, with each day representing one session. The training sessions consist of a 45-60 minute workshop and they are accessible from your own computer or laptop online. All the resources and replays from the event will be made available to everyone who registers before, during, and for a few days after the event.

Who Is Business Analytics Week For

This event is ideal for Directors, Executives, Team Leaders, and Analysts, or every individual who is involved in collating, sorting, processing, and studying business data. By the time you finish the Business Analysis Week, you will gain hands-on experience on Power BI, the best analytical tool for business data representation, and become more confident in your ability to translate data into actionable insights.


Session 1 – Optimizing Key Performance Indicators
? Calculate second-order impacts using measure branching
? Dealing with product price changes through time
? Analyze different performance based on segments
? Understand and optimize trends through time

Session 2 – Discovering Unique and Valuable Insights
? Using DAX ranking techniques in your analysis
? Create secondary tables to add context to visuals
? Calculate turnover and occupancy metrics effectively
? DAX techniques for Pareto rules and more

Session 3 – Advanced Analytics w/DAX Formula
? Understand purchasing and customer behaviors
? Unique time-related insights
? Complex logic within DAX iterating functions
? Dive into dynamic cohort insights using DAX

Session 4 – Evaluating Patterns and Outliers Dynamically
? Understand deviations from the normal in your analysis
? Break out outlier results over time
? Create trigger points based on created logic
? Dive into abnormal results and look to understand more

Register for Business Analytics Week

You can easily register for the event here just by entering your email. We have already attracted a great deal of attendees for this event and we are eager to share with you all those tips and tricks that can help you scale your business analytics.

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