Evaluating Customer Margin Contraction – Advanced Analytics

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Here we’re going to look at an analytical problem and we’re going to try to solve it with Power BI using a number of techniques.

This sort of example is perfect to run through if you want to improve your own analytical capabilities when using Power BI.

Not just your analytical thinking, but also the practical application of using Power BI as a tool to solve these types of challenges.

We’re going to look at customer margin contraction. We’re going to try and work out what customers margins are contracting and why are they contracting.

Is it because of their purchasing frequency? Is it because of the products they’re buying? Is it because of some other reason?

Through Power BI and by implementing a number of techniques which I showcase, you can actually work out this insight quite effectively.

Not only that, you can work it out in a dynamic way. Say, for instance, we have customers across a range of different regions. Well, we might want to also select through those regions and then discover which of our customers margins have contracted in any particular region over a certain period of time.

So, really high quality analytical insight, and that’s the key. That’s what we want to use Power BI for. That’s what I want you to implement in your own models.

Dive into this content and try to replicate it. Understand how you can do it, and then replicate it over your own data sets.

That’s how you’re going to get the most out of this material and out of some of these tutorials that I run through.

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