Analyze Margin Changes Overtime – Analytics with Power BI and DAX

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Through this really unique and specific example I’m going to dive into how you can combine lots of the techniques that I’ve described in many tutorials and posts in the past.

These are techniques like Measure Branching, Trend Analysis, and DAX formula combinations.

What we are going to do is analyze the changes to profits margins that have occurred over time.

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine how we actually get to this type of analyze. It’s not always immediately clear. To get to these results we need a lot of formulas, one branch after the other.

In this tutorial, we’re going to start from scratch, from no measures at all and then build up to showcasing change overtime.

To be able to highlight this information and to be able to do this quickly inside Power BI, really showcases the analytical potential that you have available to you in Power BI.

It’s a really high-quality insight that historically would have been quiet difficult to produce in a scalable way.

Power BI really gives you that power and if you can understand all the techniques that I go through in this particular video tutorial then you’ll be in a very good place to developing some high-quality analysis in your own models and dashboards.

For many more techniques around advanced analytics in Power BI check out the below course module from Enterprise DNA Online. So many unique insights that can readily be achieved in Power BI.

Advanced Analytics in Power BI

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