Power BI Dynamic Grouping with Ranking Logic using DAX

Group Customers Dynamically By Their Ranking w/DAX In Power BI

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As many of you know by now, I am huge on showcasing how you can apply Advanced DAX Formula to discover insights that historically have been difficult to find and also showcase easily. Well, this is another example of that and a great way to segment or group results rather than just showing results by themselves without any context.

In this example I drill into results on a range of customers. Instead of just showing a generic sales result, I actually only want to see if that customer was in the top ranked results and then I want to see how that changes over time. This is pretty powerful stuff.

Say you wanted to work out how much revenue or profit every year could be attributed to your top 10 or top 50 clients. This technique is exactly how you would do that. Being able to show how this changes over time is also a quality insight. Being able to showcase if this increases or decreases in any meaningful way can provide insight into the sustainability of your sales. Many actions around marketing or operational could be derived from insights like this.

If this doesn’t make complete sense the first time round, review it a few times and try to bring it into a model you’re currently working on. I think you’ll be amazed at the applications of this technique across a range of scenarios. Also, if you are just starting out with DAX you may want to look at my Mastering DAX Calculations online course which comprehensively goes into everything you need to learn for implementing DAX in your own Power BI models.

Good luck with this technique – any comments and thoughts just let me know below.

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