Deep Dive Into RANKX - DAX Formula Concepts In Power BI

Deep Dive Into RANKX – DAX Formula Concepts In Power BI

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RANKX is a very unique DAX function that requires a deeper level of thinking around its logic and also in how it actually works when running a calculation in a particular context (for example a table or chart inside of Power BI).

Each different parameter within the RANKX function can change the way in which it calculates a result. As there are multiple parameters that you can input into this function to understand how each one can determine the underlying result which you might see is very important.

What you don’t want with RANKX is to start receiving results and not really understand how they are calculated because invariably you could have incorrect calculations and results that are appearing in your reports.

That is why understanding the key elements and concepts of how RANKX works in a variety of contexts is essential. This will enable you to be sure that your calculations are correct and that your consumers are viewing insights that actually makes sense.

In this tutorial, I run through a few examples of how this particular formula and function can be used.

I think this is the best way to showcase RANKX, especially its versatility in calculating any type of ranking type analysis.

You’ll be amazed at how flexible the RANKX function can be inside of Power BI. It can be used in a number of different scenarios and situations. Plus, it enables some advanced insights which will ultimately impress the consumers of your reports and visualizations.

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