Use DAX To Group & Segment Your Data

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We’re going to get slightly more advanced today, but I love this type of stuff in Power BI. Using DAX measures to dynamically group your data is so powerful. You’re building out your data models and creating many different filters and ways to slice your data. Remember, these likely don’t exist in your original datasets, so you’re creating brand new insights that consumers of your content will really appreciate.

In this example, I show you how you can retrieve results inside a calculated column. You can then evaluate each of those results by running them through some parameters that you have in another ‘supporting table’.

When I use this type of technique my mind explodes with the opportunities to take your analysis to the next level. Think about all the initial core calculations you might create like sales, costs, profits, margins, growth etc, and then think how you can segment your attributes or dimensions by any of these results. All you have to do is create and run them through some type of logic using a similar technique that I showcase here.

I really dive into this in significant detail in my Solving Analytical Scenarios course at Enterprise DNA Online, so certainly review that to learn more ways you can use this technique.

This DAX logic isn’t easy, there’s no doubt about that, but I definitely want you to see how DAX can be applied to discovered these insights. To create the same thing at scale within Excel would be close to impossible, but in Power BI it’s very doable … and just think how many times you can do it inside any one model that you may be creating.

Any thoughts or questions, let me know in the comments. Good luck with this one.

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