Advanced Segmentation Example Using DAX in Power BI

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When you get more and more into DAX formulas, you will see the world of analytical opportunities immeasurably expand for you. In this example I show you by just how much.

I’m going to combine some pretty advanced DAX logic and then build upon it by combining the initial calculation with another one.

This is really powerful analytical work and produces great insights. In many scenarios, having a strong understanding of the make up of your attributes is key to decision making and risk management. My mind goes to situations like bank loan books, insurance coverage, sales attribution and many others. Using a combination of these techniques, you can unearth those insights quite effectively.

There are many elements involved in putting this type of calculation together, so if you are just beginning with DAX, check out my online courses Mastering DAX Calculations and Solving Analytical Scenarios to get a good understanding of where to start and what you can achieve on top of this. In any case, the combination of techniques here open up a world of opportunities to be re-used over and over in many models.

The key to understanding how to move this over to your own models is to think about the dimension or attribute you want to drill into, like customers, regions, or products. You’ll then need to iterate that attribute inside your measure. Sometimes you may even need a supporting table to create that logic to run through. But that is easy to set up. In the video, I use the example of “Group Customers by Ranking”, so I run through the technique in detail.

Good luck with this one. If you have any questions or feedback let me know in the comments below.

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