Show Results Up To Current Date Or A Specific Date In Power BI


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a very simple technique where you can show data up to a specific date or just up to today inside of your Power BI reports.

Results up to specific or last date Power BI

This came from a recently requested question from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum, Personally, I’ve also used this technique many times so I know it is useful.

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The reality is that the solution for this is much simpler than you may think. All you need to do is understand where the key locations are to set this up correctly.

Having a solid understanding of data modeling and why you need to set up your data model effectively is important here.

First, you need a date table. This is an essential part of any model but especially in this example.

Then within that date table, you need to add an additional column which becomes like an on/off switch in your report pages.

Calculate Column Power BI

I walk you through this technique and also finally what you need to do inside of your report page with a specific filter to enable the data to visually only show up until a very specific date.

Page level filters Power BI

This is a combination of visualisation techniques with some simple DAX formula (in a calculated column).

Once all applied to your reports, you’ll likely see how seamlessly this works and at the same time how it can add value to your visuals.

If you need to learn how to set up an optimized date table within Power BI check out the below tutorial.

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