Show Days Before Or After A Selected Date Using Power BI

Show Days Before Or After A Selected Date Using Power BI

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As we work through this tutorial I will show you some truly powerful analytics that you can complete inside of Power BI.

It is amazing how flexible you can make your solutions in Power BI if you get the set up right.

When I say set up, I mean your data model first and foremost and then adding in the right DAX function techniques into your reports.

What we are attempting to analyze here is information around a selected date.

We also want our visual to then dynamically show results around that date selection that we make.

We are going to look at a specific point in time and then at the same time look at a range of time frames around that date. It could be three days before that date or ten days after that date. It all depends on what selections we make within our reports.

The flexibility we have around what you can dynamically show within your report is quite phenomenal.

I’m going to work through how you need to set this up in your model as it’s not as simple as just using your common date table you likely already have.

Then, I will show you the DAX formula logic you need. This isn’t too difficult but is slightly unique.

I think you will be quite amazed at how well this can be visualized inside of a Power BI report.

If you want to check out more around a variety of different time intelligence techniques to use with Power BI, I recommend having a look at our course module inside of Enterprise DNA Online which specifically caters to a range of analysis tailored to time-related insights.

Time Intelligence Calculations

Enjoy working through this detailed video.



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