Power BI Workshop Announcement – Brand New Course Upgrade

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I’m pleased to announce that we have done a complete upgrade to the Power BI Super Users Workshop course module at Enterprise DNA Online. 

There has just been so many changes to Power BI recently that a full upgrade and update to this content was certainly warranted. 

One of the biggest changes really has been the totally new look to Power BI since this course content was first recorded and put together. 

Based on all these updates to Power BI, I’ve made a decision to spend time renewing all of the content within each specific section and also improve it, so that it flows slightly better and covers a lot of the new features and tips that you first need to learn when starting out with Power BI. 

This is a beginner course within Enterprise DNA Online. So a lot of the topics are fundamentals that they need to be covered in depth before moving into some of the more advanced course modules that we have. 

You’ll find it still follows exactly the same structure as it did historically with a big focus on the four key pillars to developing high-quality Power BI solutions. These pillars are:

  • Querying and transforming data
  • Data modelling
  • DAX calculations
  • Reports and visualisations. 

We go in-depth into all of these focus areas, which are important for your development work in Power BI Desktop. But, it certainly doesn’t stop there as there is now also a much larger section on the Power BI Online Service. 

There have been so many great updates to the online experience with Power BI lately. So there has been a big revision of ideas and thought processes around how to utilise this area effectively within your teams and organisations. 

Highlighted in quite a bit of detail, is how to utilise the online service as a distribution mechanism for all of your great reports and insights that you’re generating with Power BI Desktop. 

I highly recommend doing a review of this content that’s been renewed if you are a current member and have maybe gone through this course previously. 

There is still plenty of great ideas and insights for Power BI packaged into this module. 

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and hope you enjoy all the new updates that we made to this entire course module at our online education portal – Enterprise DNA Online 


Enterprise DNA Team  

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