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In this blog, I want to show you all the various ways that you can get hold of Power BI demo data to practice running analysis and all the techniques that you are learning through our education platform. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog.

You want to get a diverse array of experiences when you’re working inside Power BI; so that’s why we’ve collated a range of different demo data sets that you can access. Some are embedded into our platform, Enterprise DNA (eDNA) but some we make available for free.

Power BI Demo Data From eDNA Knowledge Base

First, I want to show you our Knowledge Base. To access this page, go to info.enterprisedna.co. If you’re on the Enterprise DNA website homepage, you can just click on Knowledge Base there.

Anyone can access this page, Everything here is free. Once you’re inside Knowledge Base, scroll down, and you’ll see Demo Data Library. There are few other things here, including our DAX formula guide, Power BI custom visual guide, report design, inspiration, DAX quizzes, challenges, etc. But in this tutorial, we’re going to focus on the demo data.

Power BI demo data

If you click on Demo Data Library, you’ll see that we have brought together a range of different data sets based on industries. We have agriculture, construction, customer service, education, entertainment, insurance, real estate, sales and inventory, etc. All you need to do is click on any of these.

Power BI demo data

For example, we’ll have HR. When you click on it, there’s a popup box where you’ll enter your email and we will send this directly to your email. That’s the same for all of these data sets.

We’ve made it super easy to get your hands on a whole range of data sets. Then, it’s up to you to just start playing around, start utilizing the framework and methodology that we talk about. Practice creating some simple formula, then use measure branching to do more advanced formula. These are the perfect data sets that you can use and see how versatile all of the techniques that we discussed are on any type of dataset.

Power BI Demo Data From eDNA Learning Center

Another place that you can get demo data is within our platform. If you’re on our website homepage, just click on Platform Access.

In this example, I’m going to select Membership Portal.

Go to the Learning Center, where all of our on-demand content is.

Scroll down and you’ll find Demo Data for Practice. You can download these resources from here.

Power BI demo data

This is another set of unique data that we make available to all our members. We have different industries as well as a range of business function data.

Power BI demo data

Demo Data From eDNA Power BI Showcases And Challenge

Another place that you can access some demo data is through both our Power BI Showcases and the Power BI Challenge. You have to have a membership to be able to access these. Click through and download the data from the actual PBIX file itself.

Power BI demo data

Moreover, when you come to the Query Editor, you can go Copy Entire Table. That enables you to copy this into an Excel file. And that’s another way that you can get a subset of information.

Power BI demo data

If the data was huge, you could also create some filters and then export that. That’s an easy way to get data through the actual PBIX files as well.

The eDNA Ultimate Power BI Resource

Lastly, in terms of ways that you can create or get demo data sets, you can get them within our Ultimate Power BI Resource Collection module. This is free, so you can actually come to our Learning Center (even if you are not a member) and download this data.

Within this resource, we have what’s called the Power BI Data Randomize. We’re making this completely available. This has been something we have on internally for years and developed a lot of our demo data sets from. But now, we’re making this widely available to everyone.

Power BI demo data

It’s just an Excel model that you can download. It enables you to create randomized data. If you find some data online, and then if you want to randomize it or expand upon it, this is the tool that you can actually utilize to do that.

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I’ve shown you several ways to get or access a lot of data and manipulate it to whatever you need to practice. That’s one of the key things to learn about Power BI and really master it. You need to practice as much as you can.

Some are free. Some are resources that are available for members only, so you need to upgrade to access them. Ultimately, we want to make sure we’re impacting everyone out there. That’s why we’ve got this diverse range of ways that you can access certain parts of the resources that we make available.



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