How To Use The In-Built Analytics Tools For Power BI

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In this tutorial, I will run you through the built-in analytics functionality that we now have available to us in Power BI Desktop. 

Already, you can create some compelling visualizations in Power BI, especially around scatter charts. But the analytics function allows us to overlay additional pieces of information into our visualizations, which allow us to showcase results in many different ways.

In this video, I show you how you can incorporate gridlines or showcase outliers in your visualizations, as well as group certain results in your visuals.

By combining many of these different features that are available to you in power BI, you will be able to add a lot more color to the results that you are showcasing.

These are certainly some effective additions to Power BI. It’s also great that we don’t have to create all of these elements within visualizations ourselves with DAX formulas for example.

Additionally, they can automatically be created in a point and click fashion. There’s no doubt that the direction is good from the Power BI team and I’m sure that this functionality will be built upon substantially in the future.

Good luck learning about how to use these features!

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