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I’m very excited to announce likely our biggest strategic development ever since the inception of Enterprise DNA itself. Today we are officially launching the Analyst Cloud

The Analyst Cloud is a digital platform developed to connect employers or project owners to our valuable network of Power BI users and Enterprise DNA members. 

With this huge trend emerging and growing every single day we have assessed that we have a perfect opportunity to facilitate these connections between those who need help and those who have the ability to get involved in a variety of projects. 

At Enterprise DNA we are fully invested in developing the most valuable Power BI users in the world. This has put us in the best position to provide a comprehensive talent pool of Power BI analysts and developers that businesses and organisations around the globe can call upon to complete their analytics projects and meet varying data insights requirements. 

That’s why we’ve decided to create the Analyst Cloud

We are looking to create a platform that curates the best Power BI talents out there globally. Therefore only those with Enterprise DNA Membership can apply to participate in bidding for projects or employment opportunities created by employers on the platform. 

The Analyst Cloud platform now also creates a great new incentive for those who are looking to get more into high-quality Power BI development work. Via our comprehensive online education platform, you can now transform your learnings and experience into employment opportunities. 

There is also no cost for members to participate in the Analyst Cloud. It is included in the price of membership. 

For a monthly talent access fee, employers can create unlimited projects or employment opportunities for analysts and other members. 

If you require any assistance on Power BI related work, either big or small, the Analyst Cloud is a tailor-made solution to find and connect with Power BI users who can provide help where you need it. 

Employees will also have the ability to get great visibility into each individual candidate. You can be very confident in their education level but also obtain a detailed understanding of their experience and engagement within our own education platform at Enterprise DNA

We are investing big into the Analyst Cloud as we believe that as a platform this has an enormous opportunity to create a well functioning and valuable marketplace between those who need Power BI skills and those who have them. 

By accessing a ready-made and proven talent pool there is the ability to obtain high-quality support and development work in an expedient manner. 

We are only really just getting started with the Analyst Cloud. 

There are already plans for many great extensions, but in terms of getting this off the ground and up and running, we are rolling this out now so that we can get feedback and see how our users are engaging with the new platform that we’ve developed for this particular initiative. 

Hopefully, you are excited about this new development from Enterprise DNA and can see how by participating in our new platform, many new opportunities could be forged. 


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Sam McKay, CFA
Sam is Enterprise DNA's CEO & Founder. He helps individuals and organizations develop data driven cultures and create enterprise value by delivering business intelligence training and education.

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