How To Download Latest Exchange Rates Into Your Power BI Model

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I’m going to show you in this tutorial how you can download exchange rates into your Power BI data model. These, in theory, should also automatically update as they are updated on the website where we are drawing from.

This will be perfect if you have a requirement to bring in the latest exchange rates for some evaluation work or for financial reports where you have to deal with sales from a variety of different regions around the world.

Exchange Rates

We want to be able to grab this data from a source, in this case, a website and bring it into our model. From its rawest form, we’ll then want to perform some simple transformations and updates until it’s ready to be integrated into the data model.

I’ll show you how to do a web query in this case to a particular website that has a relatively wide exchange rate data.

Exchange Rates 1

Then bring that to the query editor, change around a lot of elements of the table and then import that into your data model so you can then model it up and work with it in combination with the rest of your tables in your model.

Exchange Rates 2

Again, this is a relatively quiet unique tutorial but one that’s well worth working through if this is the type of work that you need to do inside of Power BI.

If you want to review some other techniques around managing exchange rates in your reports check out the below links.

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Enjoy working through this one.


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