Update to Multiple Currencies Management in Power BI – Advanced DAX

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There are so many occurrences with financial analysis where we need to integrate exchange rates.

Now, I have actually shown an example of how to do this using the LOOKUPVALUE function in Power BI.

There is one slight issue with the particular function I went through in the initial video that I didn’t realize at the time.

The problem was that the exchange rate table did not actually have any exchange rates listed on the weekend, but we did sell goods on the weekend.

What was happening was the amount sold was being divided by a blank number and then we were getting this infinity result, which was because there was basically no result to showcase.

So what we needed to do was something slightly more advanced in our DAX formula. We needed to actually extrapolate or normalize the exchange rate so that whatever the result was in the table for the Friday, we copied that to Saturday and Sunday because exchange rates close on the last day of the working week and then they are effectively that rate over the weekend.

So, we needed to re-enact that inside of Power BI with our formula and in this tutorial, I run through how you do that.

It’s not that easy. There’s a little bit to it from a DAX perspective but if you can get your head around how this works, especially the LASTNONBLANK function, then there are actually many implications of similar techniques across many analytical scenarios you might find yourself having to analyze on a day-to-day basis.

So lots to learn in this video tutorial, lots of ways to integrate multiple DAX formula. Good luck!

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