Placing Workday And Weekend Day Numbers Into The Date Table In Power BI

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This is a very unique example for when working with workdays and weekend days in Power BI.

It came directly out of a request from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where a member needed to get the day for each weekday but also the day of each weekend into their date table.

Compare Weekday and Weekend Results versus previous years – Actual and YTD numbers – Power BI

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So the requirement was for the first weekday to be one, then two and then three. If for example, the day after that is a weekend, then that needs to start at one again and then two for the weekend days.

This is obviously quite a unique requirement but one that I can see having some broad application, especially if you need to compare like for like days between different months.

This was all to be placed within a calculated column as well, which meant considering the context of each row inside the date table.

Once you work through the logic and you see how it’s applied inside of the date table (which is a must-have table inside of any data model), you’ll be quite surprised at how seamlessly you can run this calculation in Power BI versus completing this in any other tool.

We dive into the RANKX function and how you can use it to calculate this unique insight.

Enjoy working through this one. It’s a great idea for new and interesting analysis.

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Time Intelligence Calculations


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