How To Organize Your Power BI Models - Best Practice Tips

How To Organize Your Power BI Models – Best Practice Tips

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I wanted to highlight in this post some of my best practice tips when organizing detailed Power BI models.

You’ll find as you work through any development, elements of your Power BI reports will grow. This can be things like new tables of data, differing relationships between tables, an assortment of measure groups and much more.

Therefore, organizing all of these parts of your reporting development well is absolutely essential for you to have a clear understanding of what’s going on inside your model.

This is not only for your benefit also. Others who are potentially going to use your model in the future need to be able to pick up where you have left your work.

They need to be able to audit the numbers that you’re calculating and also understand how these numbers are being calculated.

By following these best practice tips that I run through in this tutorial, I’m very confident that you will be able to develop far more superior Power BI reports than others who may be doing this type of around you.

There are only a few small updates that you need to make and to do consistently well to optimise the reporting and development work you’re venturing into. You can also use these tips to make quick and easy updates to existing work also.

In this tutorial, I go through many techniques in detail which I think you’ll find very beneficial if you can start implementing these into your reports as soon as possible.

For more advanced data visualization examples that you can use within Power BI. Certainly, check out this module at Enterprise DNA Online – Data Visualization Tips


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