Learn The Quick & Easy Way To Edit Filter Fields & Visual Interactions In Power BI

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I want to show you how you can use filter fields and visual interactions in Power BI to great effect. They create simple and very effective ways to make your visualisations easier and more intuitive for the consumer.

Filter fields enable you to adjust the results you are showcasing, but instead of having to manually select a filter within a report page, you can actually have a filter set across either a single visual, a report page, or even an entire report (I like to call this last one global filters).

By using these filters, you can start with data that might be extremely detailed, but if you want to focus your report page on one element of that data, you can do it easily without having to write any complex DAX formula.

Visual interactions are again easy to implement, and are great for making sure your visuals “filter” as they should when a user selects elements within a report page. There is nothing worse than visuals where it’s too difficult to see what the results actually are. This is how you make sure that the dynamic aspect of Power BI visuals pay off, and you enable users to really drill down into a granular level of detail.

Check out the video to see how to get these two features working well within your reports and Power BI models.

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