Dynamic Report Technique For Power BI

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In this tutorial, I will show you how you can create a totally dynamic Power BI report.

When I say dynamic, what I mean is that you may want to showcase one particular insight across all of your visualizations in your report page, but then you might want to be able to select a different metric to showcase in all of your results inside of your report page.

The idea is, that you can click and all your visuals in your report page will automatically change the calculated measure. For example; total sales, total cost, total profits. You can click through all of these and then see the entire report update for that one particular metric or that one particular calculation.

You can then slice and dice it using all of the different filters and the visualizations that are available to us in Power BI as well.

It’s a really powerful technique that just requires a couple of steps to organize inside of your data model and with your DAX measures. It will enable you to create some compelling report pages that will impress the consumers of your data.

When we are running analysis inside of Power BI, we have to think of the end consumer. How they are going to feel and how they are going to look at our report page.

This technique is certainly a great one to utilize to get that engagement from your consumers which is absolutely key to the success of your reporting and development projects inside of Power BI.

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