Compare One Sale Versus The Last Sale (No Time Intelligence)

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In this unique example, I will show you how you can compare a sale, on any particular day to the very last sale that was made.

This will be relevant if you don’t actually sell something every single day or if you are looking at a particular customer or a product and you want to evaluate, “We made a sale on this day, but how does this compare to the very last time we sold to this customer or we sold this product?”

There are no set time intelligence functions that enable us to do this in Power BI. So this is a perfect example of how you can combine multiple DAX functions to enable this type of advanced insight.

From this insight, we can branch out even more and look at things like what was the difference or what was the percentage change between these results.

If we are able to set this up in our models and in within tables or other visual types, then there are many other ways that we can utilize these techniques to find even better or greater insights.

I would summarize this as an advanced concept. How you can combine many different functions all together including the use of variables are some very valuable techniques that you need to get your mind around.

There is plenty to learn if you can find the time to dive in and understand the content that I go through in this tutorial.

For all the time-related analysis technique you could ever think of, check out theĀ Time Intelligence Calculations module located over at Enterprise DNA Online.


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