How To Use The CROSSJOIN Function - Power BI & DAX Tutorial

How To Use The CROSSJOIN Function – Power BI & DAX Tutorial

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CROSSJOIN is a really effective function that you can utilize inside of Power BI to essentially bind two tables of data together.

It’s not just about selecting any two tables from your data sets.

What you can do is actually also manipulate tables inside of the CROSSJOIN function so they can be joined in a more meaningful way.

In this tutorial, I will cover how you can effectively utilize CROSSJOIN in a practical way.

There are many relevant examples of analysis that you may want to achieve inside of Power BI and this function simplifies it immensely for you.

It simplifies the functions or the measures that you need to write to be able to create these calculations and ultimately visualize them in a compelling way.

I also showcased this particular function in a recent Enterprise DNA webinar series workshop where I covered many other techniques to use when analyzing budgets and forecasts versus actual results.

To do it in an effective way and to build a solution around these sort of insights can sometimes be quite difficult.

If you can get your mind around how this actually works then you’re going to be in a great position to run this type of analysis yourself in your own models.

Good luck!


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