Master Virtual In-Memory Tables in Power BI Using DAX

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In this examples I run through a truly powerful analytical technique which I’m confident will WOW anyone.

Virtual in-memory tables are an unique analytical technique that you can use to visualize really interesting insights inside of Power BI.

It’s truly amazing what you can do with measures inside of Power BI as you will soon see.

Many Power BI users I’m sure, will not even realize that you don’t have to always only run calculations and advanced logic through columns or tables that are physically in your data model.

You can create virtual tables and then run logic through these even though they do not exist physically anywhere inside your model or in any database that you might attempt to connect to.

These tables are a perfect and fast way to run advanced logic that may produce insights that can be utilized and acted upon in a variety of different scenarios.

If you can understand how this works inside of Power BI, specifically with measures, then you are on your way to developing some incredible analytical work inside of Power BI.

Good luck

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Advanced Analytics in Power BI

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