Using Advanced Logic Within Power BI To Correct Your Totals

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Many times when you get into more advanced formula with DAX, you’ll find that the totals that show up either on a table or as a card can sometimes be incorrect.

There are so many variations of how this could eventuate in your formulas so it’s hard to cover every single scenario.

In this video tutorial though, I run through how you can implement common logic across all these different situations and achieve the desired total that you’re after.

I run through in quite a lot of detail the structure of the formulas and logic that you require here.

There’s a lot to learn around the possibilities of measures and how these could be applied to get the correct insights and results that you’re after within your Power BI reports and models.

It’s quiet an advanced example where I go through some iterating logic and how to utilize iteration functions within Power BI.

If you can spend some time to digest the information and understand what I run through, then you’ll be at a very proficient level of Power BI and DAX in no time.

For many more advanced DAX examples check out the below course module at Enterprise DNA Online. I think you’ll be amazed at the insights that you can discover by using DAX effectively within Power BI.

Advanced DAX Combinations


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