Using AVERAGEX In Power BI – A DAX Tutorial & Examples

Using The AVERAGEX Function - DAX Tutorial & Examples

AVERAGEX in Power BI is an incredibly versatile function. It’s not just for averaging values; it’s also great for trend analysis. I discussed the use of AVERAGEX for trend analysis in the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit. A link to the event can be found below. But in this post, I’m going to focus more on

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Power BI Data Visualization Tips For KPI Trends Analysis

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a Power BI data visualization technique on highlighting KPI (key performance indicators) trends in your report. The data and dashboard I’m using for this demonstration was part of the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit in 2018. You can incorporate this technique in your own reports inside Power BI. It’s a

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Using Moving Averages To Show Trends in Power BI

In this blog post, I want to dive into trend analysis. Specifically, how to highlight trends in Power BI really effectively using moving averages. The concepts that I go through here are techniques you might have already touched on yourself in the past. But I wanted to show how important it is from a visualization perspective

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Using Advanced Logic In Power BI To Correct Your Totals

Many times when you get into more advanced formula with DAX, you’ll find that the totals that show up either on a table or a card can sometimes be incorrect. There are so many variations of how this could eventuate in your formulas so it’s hard to cover every single scenario. In this tutorial, I

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Averages Per Customer Transactions – DAX in Power BI

What I want to demonstrate in this tutorial is how we can calculate the average amount of sales, profits, or transactions per certain dimension inside of DAX in Power BI. In this particular example we’re going to look at it from a customer’s perspective. We’re going to try and analyze what the average sales are

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