Check Whether Revenue Growth Is Profitable – Analysis In Power BI w/DAX

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Through the example in this tutorial, you will see how powerful Power BI can be as an analytical tool.

We will analyze a specific insight and then showcase it in a compelling way. This analytical work is seriously not possible in any way, shape, or form using existing tools like Excel.

Being able to do this in Power BI enables you to find these advanced insights that create immense value for your consumers and organizations.

In this video, we will try to understand if our revenue growth is profitable. This is important because, in a lot of cases, you don’t want to grow your revenue unless it will provide future profitability for you.

Maybe in some unique cases you would, but in most cases this is a bad strategy. Growth for growth’s sake can sometimes kills a businesses long term viability.

You certainly want to understand per customer or per transaction if a particular sale is profitable based on the revenue that was achieved.

There are many great analytical ideas in this tutorial. Also I spend time talking about how I think analytically when using Power BI. Plenty to learn.

For more business analytics ideas and techniques for Power BI check out the below course module within Enterprise DNA Online.

Business Analytics Series



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