Using Dark Backgrounds In Your Power BI Reports & Dashboards

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In this video tutorial, we’ll be going through a simple but very important visualization concept for Power BI. 

As you have probably seen with the Power BI reports that I create, I’m big on utilizing colors really effectively in your reports.

When you do use colors in Power BI though, there are a number of considerations that you have to make and manage so that the use of your reports are still viable across the many different ways you can distribute your analysis in Power BI.

In this example, I just talk through dark backgrounds and some of the key things that you really need to consider. It is important so that consumers don’t get a negative experience across other devices they use to access information or via different ways that they can view reports and dashboards.

Even with these considerations at play,  I still believe making good use of colors is so essential in Power BI.

I highly suggest having a good look at the Power BI Showcases from Enterprise DNA to see how you can effectively utilize colors, there’s a lot of inspiration that can be drawn from viewing these reporting solutions

Through this video tutorial I’m confident you will understand how you can manage colors to create really compelling visualizations.

Good luck and all the best!



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