Time Intelligence For Non Standard Date Tables In Power BI

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Running time comparison type analysis on custom calendars is a little bit more complex than if you were using a standard calendar.

The reason behind this is because the time intelligence functions available for custom calendars allow users to quite easily and effectively write a formula and achieve the results that they want. Unfortunately  with non-standard calendars, for example a 445 calendar, you have to actually write some additional logic to be able to achieve most time intelligence or time comparison type analysis.

Now in this video tutorial, I’m going to showcase some pure time comparisons. I’ll take you through how you can compare one time period to another time period, based on a week or a number and not a particular date.

As a result, you can and will be able to utilize what you learn across various time horizons. Additionally, I’m going to go a step further and really dive into how can we analyze from one week to another across any time period. For instance, it could be one week of a previous month or a week to the same month last year.

There are a lot of different ways that you could ultimately use this technique. It is crucial to really try and learn it well. Because the truth is that by combining all of these DAX formulas, you can actually achieve a lot of things, not just this particular insight but many others as well.

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