Handling Weekday vs. Weekend Dates in Power BI Using DAX

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It’s important for many businesses to make sure that you are analyzing over the correct sale period or correct time period in which you’d actually have results.

Now if you implement formulas incorrectly in Power BI, especially over iterating functions like AVERAGEX or SUMX, and you iterate over days where you don’t actually have results or days you don’t have any sales, then you’re actually going to get incorrect results. Sometimes unknowingly you’ll place these results into your reports and not immediately pick up if they are correct or incorrect.

Within this tutorial I’m going to showcase how you can isolate weekdays and weekends and only retrieve information for those particular time periods.

Now this is going to be particularly valuable if you’re an organization which only sells during the week or if you want to isolate your weekend sales as that might be where the bulk of your sales are occurring and you want to compare just weekend results across lots of different factors and dimensions in your data model.

So the key understanding here is iterating functions. You must get your head around these and understand these very, very well. And if you do and then you see how you can change the shape of the virtual table within these functions to be able to isolate, in this case, any time period.

From here, we can branch out even more and find really great insights across various different factors in our data model or even compare one to the other. You compare weekday results to weekend results.

So lots of great analytical insights that you can discover by implementing this technique well.

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