Layering Multiple ‘What If’ Parameters For Advanced Analytics in Power BI

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As you likely know, I am a huge promoter of scenario analysis in Power BI.

Scenario analysis is an amazing analytical technique you can use in Power BI that virtually allows you to predict what might happen in the future.

In this tutorial, I explain how you can layer multiple scenarios, one on top of each other. It takes your analytical output through the roof if you use this technique effectively.

I show you how you need to structure your DAX formulas to get this working well and how you can ultimately visualize and combine it with other patterns of DAX formulas to really enhance the insights that you’re showcasing to your consumers, your managers, or to your teams.

This is seriously an amazing analytical technique to utilize in Power BI.

If you can get your mind around some of the more advanced concepts that I run through and show you how to implement, then you’ll be creating very high quality analysis and be able to showcase it in a really effective way in Power BI.

If you want to expand your abilities with predictive work within Power BI, check out the comprehensive structured training course on scenario analysis techniques at Enterprise DNA Online. You can find the details around this course here – Scenario Analysis Deep Dive


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