Evaluate Clusters in Your Data – Advanced Power BI and DAX Technique

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how showcasing clusters in your data enables you to extract far superior insights than if you just had a scatter chart with a whole lot of information planted in there.

I’m going to go through some advanced DAX techniques that you need to utilize in combination with the data model. If you use them well, the analytical opportunities open up substantially for you and you can really showcase insights in an effective way.

In this particular example, I’m trying to see if there was any reason why we’re seeing a certain clustering of our customers based on their performance.

By overlaying some logic (within a DAX formula) across a secondary table, I’m able to classify if a customer is good, okay, poor, or great.

Then by using this new dimension in my scatter chart, I can see if any clustering of outcomes appears based on the logic I just implemented.

There’s a bit to this, but it’s really powerful stuff and there are so many ways that you can replicate this in other scenarios or across your own data.

That’s ultimately what I want you to extract from watching this tutorial I’ve created, as the analytical opportunities exponentially grow around this type of technique.

This is an advanced technique, so don’t get too concerned if it doesn’t make sense immediately but definitely try it out. You’ll quickly find that you discover some really interesting insights that you didn’t have before.

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