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Power BI Showcase – Reports For Service Desk Issues

by | 8:22 pm EST | December 28, 2020 | Announcement, Power BI, Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase is, by far, one of the best ways to apply everything you’ve learned about Power BI so far. Knowing that each report and dashboard can be downloaded and used to practice different real-life scenarios, it could be key to advancing further as a Power BI user.

Power BI Showcase

Because we know that Power BI is so dynamic, we make sure that we’re always adding new reports that you can practice on. We’ve just added three that focus around service desks, giving you the chance to learn more about how to handle related issues should you encounter them in the future.

Service Desk Issues

When you’re working the service desk, it’s important to have the ability to look at bottlenecks where issues could be piling up. That’s exactly what you can do using this report.

It shows you which projects are showing the most issues and can help you look at which issues are currently being prioritized.

The metrics show a glimpse of all the numbers you’re dealing with, while the narratives give a good summary of the projects and priorities. You can also filter the data based on specific time periods using the slicer in the top right part of the page. The charts at the bottom showing the Total Issues based on Year and Priority Category, Year and Status Category, and Quarter and Typer Category can also be tweaked based on the data group you want to highlight.

JIRA IT Service Desk

JIRA is one of the most widely used project software in the market, and for good reason. It lets anyone plan, track and manage their projects but it would be much better if there was a way to get deeper insights from all the data being delivered by this tool. Thankfully, Power BI and JIRA can work together nicely.

Power BI Showcase

The Overview tab shows the number of unresolved tickets. It also gives a more detailed look at the numbers under POAM tracking. The bottom right graph also shows a visualization of the tickets created per project.

You can see the assignees with the most number of unresolved tickets as well. If you want to zero in on a specific timeframe, you can also click on the graph under Current Status.

Power BI Showcase

As for the Timings tab, it answers critical questions like whether we’re on time in meeting the due dates assigned to each ticket and is priority status is determined by the due date or not.

The Data Quality tab gives you a good look at the Priority, Status and Performance. It also gives recommendations on what to do next on the right pane.

Service Desk Analysis

Another report that works with JIRA, this shows you the days and months when the numbers are at its peak. Seeing data like this would allow you to forecast properly and plan how much manpower you’re going to need at certain time periods to maximize workflow.

The Home Page shows an overview of the timeline. In this case, it shows milestones from 2018 to 2020.

Power BI Showcase

The Tickets Created tab gives a highly detailed view of every month. You can also filter the data based on the Issue Type and Year using the dropdown menus on the upper part of the page. Clicking on the button at the top right area will also show you the Peak Period in Summary mode.

The Tickets Composition tab gives you an analysis on the types of tickets created. Again, the filters allow you to focus on the issue type and the year.

The tab for Tickets Resolved Time shows an evolution of the team’s efficiency over the years. Here, you can see comparisons based on Issue Type, Technicians and data over the years. This time, the filter allows you to look at the data based on the Priority.

The tab for Ticket Status shows you the open days based on the issue type and technicians assigned. The dropdown menus allow you to filter data based on priority and year. A button on the upper right also lets you analyze the data per year.

Power BI Showcase

As for the Workflow tab, this shows details on the correlation of watchers, technicians workload and status issues.

The Power BI Showcase

Once again, we have proven how dynamic Power BI can be as a tool. Can you imagine how many industries you can cover using a single report like this? The best part is, you can input your own data into this report to really get a feel of how things would go if you were in a real-life situation where this report is applicable.

If you really want to develop your skills in using Power BI, the Power BI Showcase allows you to do just that through this collection of downloadable reports that you can use across different industries and scenarios.

Find out more about the benefits of signing up for our Power BI Showcase course. Here, you can download the .pbix files and learn the ins and outs of these reports. But if you want to really maximize your skills and potential learnings, upgrade to a full membership and pave the way to becoming a real Power BI expert.

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