Finding Patterns In Your Data – Advanced Analytical Technique with Power BI

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Today I’m going showcase how you can discover patterns in your data when using Power BI.

As you know, Power BI is an amazing analytical tool and by using scatter charts effectively you can showcase some amazing insights.

What I do find with scatter charts, especially if there are a lot of data points, is that charts get extremely busy and it’s hard to see anything meaningful or see patterns of information which provide any value.

So, what I’ve devised is a development strategy where you can overlay some internal logic to break out your scatter charts in strategic way.

In this particular example, what we’re going to investigate if the frequency of purchasing has made any difference to the margins and sales growth of our customer groups.

This is truly a really high quality insight.

By utilizing these types of development techniques, it enables you to visualize insights in a much more compelling way inside of Power BI. What I want you to get out of this tutorial is that sometimes the standard visualizations aren’t enough.

Sometimes you need to think analytically about the problem, decide what you want to showcase, and then overlay some advanced DAX logic to make your point.

This is a really good example of how to do that, as well as showing how to use Power BI in an effective manner.

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