Optimizing Power BI Tables using Query Parameters

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Query parameters are a really strong feature in Power BI.

There are many places that you can implement filters in Power BI, but there are some occasions where it’s better to do this at the query level versus the report level.

You might want to create filters at the query layer if you have massive tables from a database or a data lake that your organization has implemented. You might not want to bring in the entire underlying table every single time into your Power BI model.

A good example of this is tables that are just millions of rows long, maybe 10 or 20 million rows long. Most tables and databases are created for capturing everything, so you’re going to have data across a significant time span.

By using query parameters, you can cut down the time span at the query layer and not bring all of that data into your model.

This is going to significantly reduce the size of your model and also ultimately the speed. The greater the size of your model, the longer it’s going to take to evaluate calculations over those data sets and data tables.

If you can cut down the size of your tables and optimize your models by utilizing these query parameters, then that’s a solid technique to implement for your development.

In this video I run through how you can actually implement this in a relatively simple way, but there are so many ways that you could actually use this, so expand your mind around the possibilities.

Hopefully this sparks some ideas about how you can replicate it in your own models.

If you are diving more into the query editor and how to develop great Power BI models then check out my advanced course at Enterprise DNA Online. This is one you will want to look into to take your skills to the next level – Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling

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