My Practice Tips When Using The Advanced Editor in Power BI

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We’re going to talk about some of my best practice tips using Advanced Editor inside Power BI.

Surprisingly, most people don’t know about the Advanced Editor. It is because it’s hidden away inside the Query Editor which a lot of users don’t utilize as much as they should.

If you don’t know what it is, you need to have a better understanding of how it operates in Power BI.

The Advanced Editor records all of the different transformations you make inside the Query Editor.

You don’t need to grasp how to write any of the code (called ‘M’). But you must have a good understanding of what it actually means and how it works behind the scenes.

You have to know this is because there are so many times especially when you make more and more transformations inside the Query Editor that you’ll need to complete some fixes within the Advanced Editor.

There are certainly adjustment that can be more easily done within the Advanced Editor and via M code versus doing it within the UI just by pointing and clicking.

My main point is that having an understanding is more important than being able to write any code. That’s my main takeaway for you from this tutorial.

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Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling


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