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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI

What You Will Learn During The Next Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – August 2019

by | 3:31 pm EDT | August 06, 2019 | DAX, Learning Summits, Power BI

The next learning summit is not far away and the response from those connected to Enterprise DNA has been huge. We now have close to 1000 Power BI users registered for the event.

There will be plenty of new and interesting content that will be covered during this summit. The best thing about it is it’s completely free to any Power BI users around the world. If you haven’t had a chance to register so far then you still can below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, August 2019

Please note, all the resources and replays from the event will be made available to everyone who registers. These will only be made available before, during and for a few days after the event before they get moved to a members-only section at Enterprise DNA Online.

Below is a detailed outline of everything that will be covered throughout the entire event.

Just a reminder, there will be six sessions over three days covering a wide variety of Power BI development topics.

Session 1 – Data Model Design Best Practices

During this first session, we will be covering aspects of data modeling when working with multiple tables. Getting your model set up correctly in Power BI is absolutely essential to creating a scalable solution.

Enterprise DNA has many best practices to utilize in this particular area. Ideas around how to structure your model and also how to connect the right relationships between your tables. 

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit Data Model Design Best Practices Dashboard

  • Learn how to optimize data
  • Setup data model structure
  • Relationship best practices
  • Unique data model designs
  • Working w/ multiple tables


Session 2 – DAX Fundamentals

To harness the analytical power behind Power BI, you really need to master DAX. DAX is the formula language which enables you to discover incredible insights into your data. 

Throughout the session, we’ll be diving into some initial key concepts that you certainly will want to understand thoroughly when creating reports with Power BI. These include topics such as iterating functions, context, and measure syntax to name a few.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit DAX Fundamentals Dashboard

  • Review the concept of context
  • Iterating vs Aggregating functions
  • Understand how DAX works w/ the data model
  • How to structure and organize your measures



With CALCULATE and CALCULATETABLE you have two of the most important functions in the entire DAX language. Understanding how these two functions operate is essential to any advanced analytical work in Power BI. 

During this particular session, we will be drilling into the main differences between these two DAX formulas and also when it’s appropriate to use either one inside your calculated logic.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit CALCULATE vs CALCULATETABLE Dashboard

  • Understand what CALCULATE does in-depth
  • Start using CALCULATE correctly
  • When to use CALCULATETABLE
  • The main differences between these two functions


Session 4 – DAX Formula Combinations

When looking to scale your work in Power BI, you want to understand how you can reuse DAX formula combinations throughout your model. The speed in which you can create detailed analysis is significant when you utilize these techniques. 

I will be covering techniques such as cumulative totals, grouping, averaging, and more. 

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit DAX Formula Combinations Dashboard

  • How to scale your development w/ DAX
  • How to quickly create compelling analysis
  • Analyze trends and time-based information
  • Learn to re-use similar combinations of formula


Session 5 – Budgeting Techniques

During this session, we’ll be covering a number of high-level budgeting concepts when working in Power BI. These techniques are some of the more advanced modeling and formula concepts that can be utilized in Power BI.

The key in this session is understanding how important it is to structure your model correctly to then simplify the formula logic that you need to write. 

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit Budgeting Techniques Dashboard

  • Learn to deal w/ data at different granularity
  • Manage a more complex data model
  • Learn how to create virtual relationships using TREATAS
  • Review Actuals vs Targets overtime


Session 6 – Optimizing DAX Formulas

During this session we’ll be looking at a number of ideas around improving and optimizing DAX formula that you create. Enterprise DNA has a number of best practices around setting up your measures within your model. 

We’ll be covering what steps you should take if you’re finding that your formulas are working very slow. Also, it’s important to gain an understanding of what certain functions are doing when used in combination with each other, so we’ll be reviewing many ideas here as well.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit Optimizing DAX Formulas Dashboard

  • Learn to structure your formulas correctly
  • Master the proper syntax and best practices for measures
  • Understand why your formula is working slowly
  • Learn auditing techniques to optimize your measures
  • Understands more deeply how formulas are calculated

This will be it. 6 detailed workshops on a range of Power BI topics.

As you can see we’ll be looking to cover a significant range of techniques and tips around high-quality Power BI development. This is perfect for any Power BI user at any level. There will be something for everyone during this particular learning summit.

If you haven’t had a chance to register you still can here

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, August 2019

If you have any questions around the summit certainly get in touch.



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