Discover Where Your Profit Growth Comes From in Power BI

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In this example I dive into what’s perhaps a very niche insight. But don’t let that close you off to using this technique  – there are plenty of ways to implement this across a range of scenarios. The key is to understand each different part and transfer them across to similar elements in your own Power BI models and reports.

As with many things I showcase at Enterprise DNA TV and through this blog, learning aspects of techniques is the key. Everyone’s data will be different and the scenario/s that you are analyzing will be different, but you can replicate a lot of what I’m doing over anything from an analytical perspective.

In this video I show you how you can showcase which grouping of customers contribute the most to the growth in your profits over any time period. Can you even imagine creating this insight in Excel? It would be extremely difficult. In Power BI though, we can achieve this through just a few formula, and use the data model to filter the results in many different ways.

Perhaps, from a risk management perspective, you don’t want to see too much of your growth only coming from a few clients; alternatively, you do, and you want to see if it’s playing out how you want it to. Well, this technique is going to be exactly what you need to showcase this.

In business, not only do you have to manage your entire makeup of sales or profits, but it’s equally important to understand where the growth, whether good or bad, is coming from. What you’re getting is basically performance attribution on your results. It’s good insight.

Back in my portfolio management days, performance attribution was essential to show how you made the returns you did. This is exactly the same, but instead of bonds, stocks, and other assets, we are analyzing customers, products, and sales people.

Good luck with combining all these techniques. Make sure to subscribe to Enterprise DNA TV to get new content as it’s released.

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