Who Are Your Top 20% Of Customers Based On Any Metric - Quality Power BI Insights

Who Are Your Top 20% Of Customers Based On Any Metric – Quality Power BI Insights

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I wanted to be able to drill into a specific subset of my customers – in this particular case – I decided to delve into the top 20% as it was most relevant to my analysis, and follows on from a previous tutorial about the Pareto principle – also known as the 80/20 rule.

Not only do we want to break out the top 20% versus the bottom 80%, but we also want to delve deeper into that top 20% to understand WHY they are in the top 20%.

Perhaps, there is some peculiar customer behaviour that we could identify and then look to replicate among other customer segments in our business with an aim to increase sales or customer revenue.

Where this is powerful for businesses is that we are always seeking to identify important patterns and look underneath the numbers, to really try and understand why something is performing well.

If we can achieve this, then there are many areas that we can apply this to – for instance – our sales strategy or marketing strategy.

The ability to carry out this type of analysis in Power BI requires more advanced logic than some of the more simple calculations you can complete.

That’s what this tutorial is all about. How you can showcase who your top customers are and also how you can look into other segments of your data to understand the underlying patterns and logic sitting underneath the headline results.

Enjoy reviewing this detailed tutorial.


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