Want A Data Driven Culture? Why Power BI Should Be Your Tool Of Choice


For years I’ve heard and listened to all the marketing buzz around how businesses could develop data driven cultures. With so many data visualisation tools now pushing the same message, how can you evaluate what has worked and will work in your own business environment?

Many of the tools have gone on to have quite a following, but my question to this audience is has this data driven culture really happened anywhere or is it still contained in the bubble of IT or within the realm of the super-user analyst types?

In my experience over the last 5,10, 20 years the most used analytical tool in the world is EXCEL by far. It continues to dominate everywhere even in organisations that have invested considerably in a variety of tools over the last decade.

This trend still persists after years and years of excel bashing by many challengers. This phenomenon deserves greater analysis, and leads to many of my beliefs in why Power BI is going to have an equally as significant impact on the corporate landscape as Excel has.

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4 comments on “Want A Data Driven Culture? Why Power BI Should Be Your Tool Of Choice”

  1. Hi Sam, as you know our company has been frantic with the implimentation of Power BI and we are slowly starting to see our audiance extend passed the IT and Analytical super-users. I think the uptake from our executive team has driven this, but it certainly helps that when ever you show a dashboard/report to someone new to Power BI, you always get that wow factor. The visuals, interative content and abilities to drill down to the raw data is new to a lot of people.

  2. Total agree Nolan. It’s a new way to analyse data and is the wow factor. Being able to start at a summary level and then drill down into you information is really powerful

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