Show Only Top Or Bottom Results Using Ranking Formula Techniques – Power BI & DAX


In this tutorial, we are going to dive into on how to utilize the RANKX function effectively in Power BI.

Sometimes you don’t want to show all of the results from your data in your visualization. Sometimes you only want to see the top or the bottom results, for example the top five or the bottom seven.

To be able to do this in Power BI, you need to utilize the RANKX function and you want to be using it in a certain pattern, so that in a dynamic way your results will always only show exactly what you want from a top or bottom ranking perspective.

In this tutorial I run through how to set it up and then how to visualize these results in your reports.

There’s a number of nuances to getting this correct inside of Power BI. You will want to really spend some time thinking deeply about how this might apply to your own data and to your own reports.

The technique will be similar but there might be some small adjustments that you need to make based on your own environment and your own data that you’re working on.

Overall this is a really powerful visualization technique and all it takes is a little bit of DAX knowledge and correct implementation of formulas in your reports.

For many more ways to utilize advanced DAX functions, check out all the content located within this course module at Enterprise DNA Online.

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Good luck!


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