Customer Segmentation Techniques Using The Data Model - Power BI & DAX

Customer Segmentation Techniques Using The Data Model – Power BI & DAX

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In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how you can segment your customers in an efficient way via the data model in Power BI.

Sometimes your raw data will not have all the information you require to showcase something in Power BI. But don’t let this stop you.

All you require is an imagination around how you can build out your data model or use some additional logic within your lookup tables that can enable far greater insights than you may have thought possible with the raw data you have in its current form.

I will walk you through a detailed example of how you can segment your customers by evaluating if they are good customers, okay customers, or poor customers.

This is a good insight if you think about it. In a lot of cases you want to focus on your top customers because that’s where most of your good results come from. So, you want to identify trends around performance and conduct an in-depth review of this specific segment of your data.

This is what this tutorial is about. It’s all very reusable, you can reuse these techniques across a variety of analytical scenarios. It doesn’t have to be just about customers but that’s the item that I focus on in this particular instance.

All the best in learning this technique! I think that there’s lot of application in your own environment for this. I believe you’ll find that as you learn these techniques, your mind will certainly expand in terms of what is possible inside Power BI if you use it effectively.

For more practical ways you can utilize Power BI to find powerful insights that matter check out this course module at Enterprise DNA Online. Plenty to learn from with just this one course.

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