Procurement Decision Making Models & Analysis In Power BI

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Today, we’re going to dive into some purchasing decision-making within organizations.

This tutorial showcases the versatility of Power BI to help make insightful decisions for a procurement division. I’m going to run through an intro example where we’ll start from raw data, create a quick data model and then run some analysis.

Then I’ll get you started on how you can start building up some of the core calculations which are going to lead us to ultimately optimizing our purchasing decisions.

Being able to run this type of analysis in Power BI is immensely effective. You can get great quality insights very quickly and I’ll show in the video how you can do just that.

If you’re in a procurement division within an organization where you need to make some sort of purchasing decisions, this is a great tutorial to get your mindset aligned to what you can achieve in an efficient way within Power BI.

Go ahead and watch the video tutorial if this is something you deal with on a day-to-day basis in your work.

The end result is that you will understand how you can use Power BI as an optimization tool for some of the decision-making that you might have to make around purchasing.

For more business related analysis that can be achieved in Power BI, certainly check out the Business Analytics Series at Enterprise DNA Online.

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