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Today we launch a brand new offering from Enterprise DNA. 

After a tremendous amount of feedback on our comprehensive education platform, we are now introducing a tailored version of our membership offering for organisations of any size using Power BI around the world. 

This will be called the Enterprise DNA Membership License 

This new license provides an opportunity for groups and teams of any size to access our platform in a more flexible way with a yearly subscription that has lower up front costs to our existing Membership Package (which just requires one upfront payment).

What’s the main difference between Membership and a Membership License? 

It’s all about flexibility. 

With the existing Membership, it is not transferable, while a License can be.

A Membership License can be transferred between users in the same organisation if; 

  • A user leaves the organisation 
  • A user leaves the department 
  • Or after a user has had their license for one year 

For this flexibility the license is an annual subscription.

What’s the cost of a Membership License for my organisation? 

The License Package is extremely good value for any business of any size using Power BI. We believe the value embedded into our education platform is extraordinary for any individual looking to master Power BI in a practical way. 

Please check out our pricing below and make up your own mind around the value we feel we are providing with our training content, resources, support and community for Power BI users based anywhere.

What can you access with a Membership License? 

Everything packaged into our membership bundle. 

This includes all of our training content, unmatched resources, support forum, extensive community, new tools, and much more as we improve and enhance our platform in the future. 

We’re making big updates to what we provide all the time and you’ll always have access to these with a license. 

Can I see if the Membership License would be right for my team? 

Yes, you sure can. As we launch this new offering, we are making a one month trial available for anyone.

With no commitment you can trial our platform out. Make sure to refer your colleagues as well to trial it at the same time. 

Conclusions on the new Membership License 

This is an exciting move for us, as I feel we have landed on a great new offering and pricing structure tailored for a wide audience of Power BI users based around the world.

If you work in an organisation and think that your team would benefit from the most extensive analytical education in Power BI anywhere then please get in touch.

More than happy to discuss any of this further with you. 



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