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This week we are starting up an exciting initiative at Enterprise DNA.  

We wanted to create a way for Power BI users to showcase their development skills, so we’ve come up with the idea of Power BI Challenges.

Each Power BI Challenge will be held over two weeks. Objective is to develop a Power BI report based on a data scenario which will be made available on day one of the challenge. 

Once the development time frame is over there will be a few days allotted to decide on and pick the winners of each challenge. For those who create the best reports there will be prizes and giveaways all sponsored by Enterprise DNA. 

To learn more about Power BI Challenges see here:

Enterprise DNA Power BI Challenges

What we’re trying to do here is unleash the creativity of Power BI users. There is no set way that you need to develop a report. We are open to seeing any and all ideas that you are able to come up with. 

We are also creating a space where you can collaborate with other members who are working on reporting applications and participating in each challenge within our forum. 

Each challenge will have its own forum thread dedicated to it. We want to promote collaboration and sharing of work as much as we possibly can. 

To participate in our first Power BI challenge see below:

Challenge 1 – Executive Sales Report

Not only is this a challenge, but it is also a competition for our Power BI community and a great way to improve your skills and get exposure to different aspects of Power BI development. 

Any Enterprise DNA Member can participate, and you are welcome to post multiple submissions to each challenge if you want to increase your chance of taking out the top prizes. 

We are even opening up an opportunity to showcase your work on the Enterprise DNA TV channel. All you have to do is record your screen as you’re developing your report in Power BI. 

If you’re one of the top reports selected during each challenge, we will likely feature you on the channel with one of our new speed build videos that we are creating. 

There’s plenty of free software that enables you to record your screen available on the web. Give it a try and then we can do all of the fancy editing if required. 

Really hope you like this new initiative that we are starting at Enterprise DNA. We think this is going to be huge and is going to be an amazing venue to showcase our members’ work and skills. 

To participate in our first Power BI Challenge see below:

Challenge 1 – Executive Sales Report

Look forward to collaborating with you on each new Power challenge! 

Enterprise DNA Team 

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