How You Can Re-Use Moving Averages In Power BI

How You Can Re-Use Moving Averages In Power BI

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In this particular tutorial, we are going to dive into how to showcase trends in your data using moving averages.

I want to show you here though how to take this further. How we can re-use the moving averages formula technique in a number of different ways.

What’s great about this formula combination or formula pattern is that it’s extremely reusable.

We can calculate one moving average but then can easily transfer the same formula technique into calculating other moving averages. All that’s required is changing one parameter inside of the formula.

This is a great review of how you can utilise measure branching inside of Power BI.

This is a technique which I talk a lot about because it is such a valuable idea and development concept inside of Power BI that speeds up looking for a variety of insights that you may be looking for in your data.

So, from maybe creating one moving average calculation, you can actually generate four or five easily under a minute.

To learn more about other combinations of formulas in Power BI that are quite similar to this moving average pattern check out these particular course module as Enterprise DNA Online. Plenty to learn in just this one course.

Solving Analytical Scenarios w/Power BI & DAX

Enjoy working through this tutorial and see if you can work this logic into your model as soon as you can. You should see the benefits very quickly.


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