Allocating Results To Predetermine Table Templates Inside Of Power BI

How To Allocate Results To Templates At Every Single Row Using Power BI

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Here I want to showcase a unique idea around allocating results to predetermine table templates inside of Power BI.

Allocating Results To Predetermine Table Templates Inside Of Power BI Enterprise DNA

Many of you who have been working with Power BI tables will know and understand that there’s not a huge amount of flexibility around what you can actually place into tables.

So when you have a more customized template that you need your table to look like, it’s historically not possible to create a visualization like this.

After spending quite a lot of time around working out how you can create these custom templates.

I’ve finally devised a strategy around Power BI development which enables you not only to create these templates but allocate unique results to these templates at every single row.

Reporting Templates In Power BI from Enterprise DNA.PNG

Throughout this tutorial, I run through a real-world, financial reporting example where we are looking to create unique subtotals and summary calculations in a table.

At the same time, we’re trying to showcase all of the granular information that goes into those subtotals and summary calculations.

Creating unique subtotals and summary calculations in a table in Power BI

You can see quite quickly that this is relevant for finance or accounting type work in Power BI. You’ll also be able to see how this could apply to lots of different custom table templates that you may need in a variety of different organizations and business functions.

To review other related financial reporting examples, check out the links below.

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How To Set Up Your Financial Reporting Data Within Power BI

Enjoy working through this content which is unique to Enterprise DNA.

A lot of the ideas that are covered here have been generated from within Enterprise DNA and are being released to the Power BI community so that you can also utilize these techniques effectively in your own reporting.

Enjoy working through this one.


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