Format Your DAX Formulas Easily With Our New DAX Clean Up Tool

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We are working hard at Enterprise DNA to build a number of tools that can assist Power BI users in their development work. 

Today we are excited to announce the release of our DAX Clean Up Tool 

Why a new tool to format DAX formulas? 

One of the biggest hurdles that any Power BI user faces when they start developing reports and dashboards is attempting to understand how DAX formulas and DAX code work. 

We know that if DAX formula is not formatted well, it is multiple times more difficult to understand. 

That is why we have developed our own way to clean up any DAX formula that you may create as a Power BI user. 

Not only do we believe that you should attempt to make your formulas read effectively, we almost would suggest it’s essential to have a true understanding of the DAX language. 

What sets our DAX Clean Up tool apart? 

Remember this is still only version one for us and we are continuously looking to improve the tool and make it more intuitive and effective for users. 

But right now we feel we have created the fastest and most flexible DAX formatting tool. When using DAX Clean Up, you’ll receive formatted formulas back almost immediately. 

Also, one of the great features embedded into the tool is the ability to edit your formulas within the app itself. So we’re not suggesting you have to strictly use any formatting that was created, you can actually customise the formula slightly if you like and then transfer this over to your Power BI model. 

Hopefully you’ll enjoy using our new DAX Clean Up tool. 

As we keep saying, we are still just getting started and are excited about where we could take this tool based on all of your great feedback. 

And there’s much more to come from us very soon. We are working on more exciting projects that I think that all Power BI users will benefit from immensely. This is all on our journey to impact all Power BI users around the world. 

It’s great to be connected! 

Enterprise DNA Team          

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