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There are many things happening at Enterprise DNA at the moment and I thought it would be a good opportunity here to give you an extensive update on our plans and also what we’re working on right now.

I will list below all the initiatives that we have planned especially for our online education platform and our membership offering. 

In summary here are the highlights: 

  • Complete course updates for modules; Power BI Workshop, Mastering DAX Calculations, and Solving Analytical Ccenarios 
  • Planning for 3 more future course releases over the next six months
  • Creating new and valuable Power BI resource offerings
  • Launching our secret initiative, the: ANALYST CLOUD 
  • Launch a global live training program to facilitate workshops around the world 
  • Other updates to courses and materials contained within membership 

I’ll go into more detail around these below. 

Course Updates at Enterprise DNA Online 

There has obviously been a lot of changes that have happened to Power BI recently, and now, it’s time for some courses at Enterprise DNA Online to get a big upgrade.

Currently, I’m putting the finishing touches on the Power BI Workshop course. This entire course will be renewed and videos will be replaced hopefully by the end of next week. 

Following this, I’ll be jumping into the Mastering DAX Calculations course and hoping to get this entirely updated with new content by the end of November. 

If time permits, I’ll also be looking to redo the Solving Analytical Scenarios course with entirely updated material. I’m also planning to rename this course to DAX Formula Combinations which I feel now is a more appropriate name for what this course module will become. 

I’m excited about these updates and taking you through once again all of the important fundamentals around these particular Power BI topics, but also showcasing to you a few of the more significant updates to Power BI and DAX. 

Announcing 3 More Courses for Enterprise DNA Online 

It’s also been decided and now committed to that we will be launching 3 more courses on our education platform by the middle of next year. 

The preliminary titles for these particular courses will be the following: 

  • Advanced Visualization Techniques 
  • DAX Optimizations 
  • Enterprise Implementation Strategies 

These courses will all cover new and unique content that can be applied to various development tasks and deployments of Power BI within your teams and organisations.

Making New And Interesting Resources Available

Through our new Submit-A-Showcase Program and also through internal development we will continually be upgrading our Power BI Showcases that we will make available. 

At the same time, we are looking at introducing some e-books to our platform. These are likely to cover similar topics to our video courses but will just enable a different way to engage with our ideas and training material. 

Launching Our Secret Initiative 

This is the first time I’m announcing this new service to anyone anywhere.

Currently we are finalizing the development of a brand new platform. 

With this platform we intend to bring together organisations requiring Power BI assistance with the top Power BI talent around the world.

Through the talent that we are nurturing via our membership program we know that we can gather the strongest and most able Power BI individuals in the world and we want to create a seamless platform for organisations to connect with our members. 

We are calling this new platform the Analyst Cloud. 

For now, this is all I have for you on this and I’m looking forward to updating you more in the near future as this further develops.

Launching Our Global Training Program 

Very soon, most likely in the New Year, we will be looking to start launching our live global training program. 

We are currently looking to partner and collaborate with current Enterprise DNA members and also those in the Power BI community who want to deliver Enterprise DNA training content to a wider audience. 

We are still in the development phase of this program but if there is interest to partner with us and to deliver live training in specific locations around the world then we’d like to hear from you. 

Plenty Of Other Smaller Updates Coming 

We will continue to have many events at Enterprise DNA. The success of the new Master Class concept has proven how virtual events can effectively impact many Power BI users. 

There are other content upgrades coming and more niche content, but nothing significant to really compare to the initiatives above. This is just to let you know that we are constantly evolving and thinking about how we can improve and upgrade the platform so that those accessing it via membership are getting immense value and also really mastering all aspects of Power BI. 

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed learning about the future of Enterprise DNA and where we are heading. There’s lots and lots of exciting developments happening and looking forward to letting you know when they are released and available for you to access and participate. 

All the best.


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Sam McKay, CFA
Sam is Enterprise DNA's CEO & Founder. He helps individuals and organizations develop data driven cultures and create enterprise value by delivering business intelligence training and education.

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